| Tue Jul 16, 2024

Problem: Attorneys practicing before the U.S. District Courts Eastern Texas district needed wireless internet connectivity.

Solution: Crystal engineered and installed a secure wireless solution which provides wireless internet access in the court house to attorneys needing real-time communications.

Result: The wireless service for the attorneys was so reliable and fast, the service is being expanded to all federal court houses in the Eastern District of Texas now have wireless internet access.
Problem: AT&T was engage to build out wireless point to point connectivity between sporting venues at the NCAA Division II championships in Memorial Park, Houston, Texas in order to provide live streaming video on the web. Only problem, the wireless equipment delivery did not show up on the eve of the event.

Solution: Crystal Communications was asked to not only provide wireless network engineering support in conjunction with the 2008 NCAA Division II Championships at Memorial Park, but also to provide microwave equipment in place of the missing equipment.

Result: Crystal Communications Ltd. worked through the night and provided all the point to point microwave equipment needed to broadcast the events on the web on time.
Problem: Cyrus One was opening a new data center in Lewisville, Texas and needed a firm to install a large Cat6A and fiber installation for a high profile customer that was relocating its data center to Cyrus One. Cyrus One needed a contractor with a team capable of providing a state of the art installation with zero impact to the customer.

Solution: Cyrus One contracted with Crystal Communications Ltd. and its team of certified Siemon installers.

Result: Crystal Communications provided cabling and cable management services installing cable tray, racks, patch panels and cable management for 2000+ CAT6A copper drops and over 1000+ fiber cable connections with a zero error rate. The installation has attracted attention from other customers who have requested similar installation.
Problem: Houston Christian High School needed reliable seamless wireless mobility for its students and faculty.

Solution: Crystal engineered and installed a controller based a 4th generation Wi-Fi solution for the entire campus.

Result: Students and faculty now enjoy reliable, secure connectivity from a wireless system which can handle bandwidth-hungry multimedia content and mission-critical applications.
Problem: The City of Mont Belvieu wanted to increase its bandwidth and replace their local wireless ISP service at several city owned facilities.

Solution: Crystal provided an unlicensed wireless ethernet solution connecting each city facility with the main data center at City Hall.

Result: The City of Mont Belvieu now has the connectivity it needs between its facilities with a low cost of ownership and the elimination of recurring charges from its previous provider.
Problem: Technip USA (Houston) had three buildings within one mile of its headquarters that were connected via a local carrier. Technip wanted more bandwidth at a lower overall cost as it expanded.

Solution: Crystal Communications Ltd. designed and implemented a redundant microwave ring giving Technip a wireless 150 Mbps link between its headquarters and each remote location.

Result: Technip has the connectivity and bandwidth they wanted with redundancy and reliability they need to ensure all remote sites stay connected with the main office.