| Sat Jun 15, 2024

cutting edge technologies
We have partnered with some of the industry's most forward thinking network technology companies to provide our clients with enhanced security, mobility, speed, and dependability.
Juniper Networks
Juniper Networks is revolutionizing the economics of global information exchange. Our purpose-built, high-performance
IP platforms enable customers to support many different services and applications at scale. Service providers, enterprises, governments, and research and education institutions worldwide rely on the company to deliver products for building networks that are tailored to the individual needs of their users, services, and applications.
Juniper Networks focuses on customers who derive strategic value from their networks. These customers constantly face trade-offs in their efforts to deliver a secure and dependable experience for their users:
Protecting their infrastructure in the face of increasingly sophisticated and frequent security attacks, versus providing open and flexible network services to users
Sophisticated intelligence at scale, versus superior performance
The flexibility and economics of the Internet, versus the security and reliability of private networks
These trade-offs can be eliminated by a high-performance infrastructure that enables security and networking to work together. With this type of infrastructure, Juniper Networks customers understand not only who their users are, but also what they are allowed to do on the network. The delivery and performance of communications based on the needs of the application and the user are ensured.
Only Juniper Networks can deliver this secure, dependable infrastructure for customers with strategic networking requirements. A leader in innovation, the company has a solid track record of delivering best-in-class networking and security products to solve the industry's most difficult problems. Thousands of service providers — including the world's 25 largest — government, and enterprise customers rely on Juniper Networks innovations and highly scalable, reliable networking and security platforms to deliver the best user experience with the lowest total cost of operations.
Foundry Networks
Application Acceleration, Security, and Business Continuity. Foundry Networks is a leading provider of
high-performance enterprise and service provider switching, routing and Web traffic management solutions including Layer 2/3 LAN switches, Layer 3 Backbone switches, Layer 4-7 Web switches, wireless LAN and access points, access routers and Metro routers.
Alcatel provides communications solutions to telecommunications carriers, Internet service providers, and enterprises for
delivery of voice, data, and video applications to their customers or employees. Product categories include: Access, carrier data, carrier voice/multimedia, enterprise, metro, mobile, modems, network management, operation support systems, optical components, optical fiber and cable, optical transmission, professional services, software applications, space systems, submarine systems, telephones, transport automation, wireless access & transmission. Alcatel designs, develops and builds innovative and competitive communications networks, enabling carriers, service providers and enterprises to deliver any type of content, such as voice, data and multimedia, to any type of consumer, anywhere in the world. Relying on its leading and comprehensive products and solutions portfolio, stretching from end-to-end optical infrastructures, fixed and mobile networks to broadband access, Alcatel's customers can focus on optimizing their service offerings and revenue streams. The United States is one of Alcatel's most significant geographical business areas, with a strong position in the four telecommunications market segments: voice and data networking, optical networking, access, and transmission. In terms of revenue, investment, and local presence, Alcatel has established itself in the U. S. as a leader, outpacing the other non-North American players in both the telecommunications, components and optical cable sectors.
Alcatel is the leading high-speed Internet access supplier in North America, delivering products and solutions that cover the full spectrum of telecommunications technologies. The company has pioneered digital subscriber line (DSL) solutions, which provide residential and small-business users with high-speed Internet access over an existing telephone line. Alcatel ranks number one in Asymmetric DSL both in the United States and worldwide.
Headquartered in Plano, Texas, Alcatel has a major presence in the USA with facilities in Raleigh, Nogales, Petaluma, Calabasas, and San Francisco and in Canada with facilities in Georgetown, Kanata and Vancouver.
ProCurve Networking — HP
More Security Across Your Network. ProCurve’s secure routing and mobile access technologies help businesses
meet WAN, LAN and Wireless LAN needs. ProCurve is a supplier of enterprise networking solutions comprising wired and wireless enterprise networking products, services and solutions — including WAN routers, Ethernet switches, routing switches, wireless access points and network-management applications — which allow customers to build networks based on open standards that meet current and future needs for security, performance and reliability.
Mirage Networks
Networked-based Endpoint Control (tm)
Mirage Networks is the pioneer in security solutions for internal
network defense. We enable companies to actively protect their internal networks from rapidly propagating threats and network abuses without introducing latency or risk to critical network traffic. Combining behavioral detection, attack intervention and threat containment technologies in a single, out-of-band appliance, CounterPoint stops LAN attacks on Day-zero without interrupting traffic. At the same time, CounterPoint addresses the growing sophistication of threats that seek to exploit vulnerabilities on the network interior. CounterPoint is able to control threats at their source, and has the unique ability to effectively remove the offending PC from the network without impacting other endpoints. CounterPoint is deployed in organization across multiple industries including education, legal, healthcare, finance, technology, government, manufacturing, retail and energy. CounterPoint was recently named one of Information Security Magazine’s 2004 "Products of the Year."