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We have partnered with some of the industry's most forward thinking wireless technology companies to provide our clients with enhanced security, mobility, speed, and dependability.

Telrad Networks

Our vision is to be the industry’s most radically innovative provider of LTE telecom solutions in the sub-6 GHz market, offering exceptional products and dedicated customer service. We stand by our mission, to be an advanced technology developer, empowering our broadband wireless customers with optimized, versatile and cost-effective TD-LTE solutions.

Since 1951, Telrad Networks has been a recognized pioneer in the telecom industry, facilitating the connectivity needs of millions of end-users through operators, ISPs and vertical markets around the globe. Our current focus is on LTE products designed to enable wireless broadband connectivity, empowering our customers with solutions that look toward the future – while offering the versatility and affordability required to meet the existing needs of evolving wireless networks. WWW.TELRAD.COM


Aclara Technologies LLC

The Aclara© brand represents the industry’s leading Intelligent Infrastructure™ technologies for providing device networking, data-value management, and customer communications to water, gas, and electric utilities globally. Over 500 utilities in nine countries rely on proven Aclara solutions to connect with their customers. Aclara integrates the strengths of the industry’s most proven technologies. www.aclaratech.com >


Cambium Networks is a leading global provider of wireless broadband solutions that connect the unconnected. Through its extensive portfolio of reliable, scalable and secure wireless broadband point-to-point (PTP) and point-to-multipoint (PMP) platforms, Cambium Networks makes it possible for all service providers; enterprises; governmental and military agencies; oil, gas and utility companies; Internet service providers; and public safety networks to build powerful, easily sustainable communications networks. The company currently has over four million of its access and backhaul radios deployed in thousands of demanding networks in more than 150 countries. Headquartered outside Chicago and with R&D centers in the U.S., Ashburton, U.K. and Bangalore, India, Cambium Networks sells through a range of trusted global distributors. WWW.CAMBIUMNETWORKS.COM

Ceragon Ltd.

As the world’s #1 wireless hauling specialist, Ceragon Networks ensures that mobile and fixed-line carriers, as well as private network operators, have the cost-effective transmission capacity to deliver the voice and premium data services on which we all rely. www.ceragon.com >


Proxim Wireless (NASDAQ: TRBM) is a global pioneer in
scaleable broadband wireless networking systems for enterprises, government and service providers. From Wi-Fi to wireless Gigabit Ethernet - our WLAN, mesh, point-to-multipoint and point-to-point products are available through our extensive global channel network with over 4,000 VARs, backed by world-class support. Proxim systems have enabled enterprise wireless LANs, education networks, municipal networks, public safety communication systems, wireless ISPs, cellular networks and landing systems for military aircraft. As a Principal Member of the WiMAX Forum, Proxim
was the first vendor to demonstrate both a base station and a subscriber unit based on Intel's 802.16-2004 chipset.
Proxim is ISO-9001 certified. WWW.PROXIMWIRELESS.COM


BridgeWave's focus is on providing very high performance, affordable, multi-gigabit-speed wireless links that enable
enterprise users and network operators to extend gigabit LANs and fiber-based services to sites that are not easily or
cost-effectively served by fiber. BridgeWave has developed market leading products and IP that utilize the recently allocated radio frequency spectrum at 60GHz and above. This massive spectrum allocation makes multi-gigabit wireless communication possible, and BridgeWave's technology makes it affordable. WWW.BRIDGEWAVE.COM

Aviat Networks
The Leading Microwave Networking Specialist

Smarter Microwave Networking Solutions
Thanks to our 50 years of industry experience, Aviat Networks knows microwave transmission better than anyone, and now we are delivering the next generation of LTE Proven and Mission Critical microwave networking solutions that bring together high performance radio transmission, advanced data networking and smart network evolution to all-IP. With locations across the world, Aviat works by the side of our customers, offering a wide spectrum of service and support solutions that allows them to quickly seize new market opportunities and deliver the highest quality of experience to their customers.

Made in the USA
Our radios are designed, built and supported all within the USA. Aviat’s nationwide presence includes Corporate Headquarters and R&D center, manufacturing, and comprehensive in-country deployment services and after-sales support network. US.AVIATNETWORKS.COM

GE-MDS – GE MDS, LLC (“GE MDS”), a business of GE Digital Energy, is an industry leader in mission critical communications serving a variety of applications in the energy sector for over 20 years. GE MDS provides oil & gas, electrical utility and heavy industrial companies worldwide with wireless solutions for monitoring and controlling vital processes in the production, gathering, processing and delivery of energy products. Data from these processes, such as wellhead measurements, gas pressure and flows, temperatures, calorific values, kilowatt monitoring, and leakage monitoring are sent wirelessly via GE MDS radio modems. Users are also able to control facilities remotely, in response to system demands, or to deal with emergency situations. www.gedigitalenergy.com/Communications >